Indiana Beach Amusement

I’ve been going to Indiana Beach since I was a kid. That was in the 80’s and for some perspective, my mother used to go when she was a kid too… and she’s almost 80.

If you’re expecting something like Six Flags or King’s Island this is not it. If you dig vintage pop culture, carnivals, and unique conglomerations of fun, food and sights, then it’s a must see.

The rides have been added over decades so some are very old and they show their wear. They are still fun and safe. Sometimes they need maintenance. It is what it is. The newer rides are woven into the landscape so you get a good mix.

There are lots of arcade games, carnival style games, kiddie rides, and food of all kinds.

The gluten free pizza at Earl’s is lovely, by the way.

The water park is a safe way to enjoy the water on a heavily boated lake. The “beach” is really more of a blocked off part of the lake. I can’t really handle the slides anymore but the lazy river is always a treat. My son is getting older but still has fun in the splash pad.

Is it different? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Is it old? Uhm. Yes. But riding bumper cars in the same building my mom used to roller-skate in and eating a hot dog near where Sonny and Cher and The Beach Boys have played makes me recognize the historical significance and makes everything very enjoyable for me and my son.

If you want a sandy beach with waves, go to the Indiana dunes. If you want a more modern amusement park check out Holiday World or Six Flags Great America.

But if you truly want to experience a unique part of American history while having some family friendly fun? I highly recommend a day at IB.

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