Riverside Rentals

Tubing is such a fun adventure with friends and Riverside Rentals makes everything easy. We filled out everything online before we arrived and after a quick check in, we were on the bus and heading to the river.

We got the rocket tubes instead of the traditional donut tubes because we knew we’d be chatting the whole way and wanted to be able to sit up and be comfortable while doing so. The rocket tubes are pretty comfortable. And even come with cup holders.

The rocket tubes are supposed to come with oars, but they forgot to give us ours. Which would have been really, really helpful given how low the water level is currently. In most places there is very little to no current to carry you. We were determined, at first, to not leave the comfort of our tubes. So we were paddling with our hands. For a 3 and 1/2 mile journey, that gets pretty tiring. So we had to eventually give up and walk our floats for part of the way.

The moral of the story is: make sure you get the oars if you order a rocket tube. The river is very pretty, the equipment was top notch, and we had a good day otherwise.

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